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Advanced school in Drug Research and Development (4th September – 29th September 2023)

Drug Research

In Summer 2023, the University of Parma, in a synergistic collaboration with the Universities of Bologna, Ferrara and Modena e Reggio Emilia and with the support of the Medicinal Chemistry Division of Società Chimica Italiana (DCF-SCI), is organizing the second edition of the “Advanced School in Drug Research and Development” entitled “Enzyme Inhibition at the boundary between Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery”.

Tackling the issues that must be addressed to empower the design, characterization and development of new biologically active compounds, the program of the school will encompass some of the key aspects of the drug discovery process with a specific emphasis on the theme of enzyme inhibition.

The 2023 edition of the Summer School will be specifically focused on the role played by computational approaches and biophysical methods in ongoing drug discovery programs in academic and industrial settings.

The Summer School will provide an international and multidisciplinary environment, in which the participants will meet experts from the industry and the academic world to exchange views, share ideas and work on real-world case studies.

School Website: https://www.pharmasummerschool.unipr.it/


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