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ULLA, European University Consortium for Pharmaceutical Sciences


Since 2006 the Department of Food and Drug is part of the European University Consortium for Pharmaceutical Sciences, ULLA.


The primary objective of the ULLA network is to enhance collaboration within education and research in pharmaceutical sciences between the European universities, paying particular attention to the third-cycle education (master and Doctoral studies - Ph.D.) and to community research.

Another objective is to give staff and students of the member Institutions increased access to the combined resources of the involved institutions.

The collaboration is specifically expressed in the following activities:

  • Biennial ULLA summer schools for PhD students
  • Grants for MSc students to support exchange between ULLA member institutions
  • Grants for PhD students to support exchange between ULLA member institutions
  • Grants for staff exchanges between ULLA member institutions
  • ULLA lectures and workshops
  • ULLA textbooks: ULLA Series in Pharmaceutical Sciences

PhD students of the Course “Drugs Sciences” of University of Parma have the right to attend the ULLA summer school

MSc and PhD students can spend research periods in the Institutions of the network.

List of ULLA Summer Schools

2017 Leuven (Belgium) 8 - 15 july Summer school 2017
2019 Helsinki (Finland) 29 june - 6 july Summer school 2019
2022 Uppsala (Sweden) 2 - 9 july Summer school 2022

In July 2011 the eleventh edition of the ULLA Summer School was kept at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Parma. More than 160 PhD students from all the Institutions of the Consortium attended the School.

ULLA takes its name from the initials of the Universities, that in 1990 founded the consortium (University of Uppsala, London, Leiden and Amsterdam).

Nowadays the ULLA consortium consists of the following institutions:

  • VU Amsterdam - Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Amsterdam)
  • University of Copenhagen - Drug Research Academy (Copenhagen)
  • University of Helsinki - Faculty of Pharmacy (Helsinki)
  • Leiden University - Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (Leiden)
  • KU Leuven - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Leuven)
  • University College London - School of Pharmacy (London)
  • Université Paris-Saclay - Faculty of Pharmacy (Paris)
  • Università di Parma - Department of Food and Drug (Parma)
  • Uppsala University - Faculty of Pharmacy (Uppsala)
  • Université de Genève - School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Geneva)
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