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The Department participates in the “Erasmus+” program by encouraging the mobility of students and staff. Partnerships are in place with several partner institutions around Europe: Austria, Belgium, Demark, France, Germany, Greece, England, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Hungary. Concerning the working plan to be conducted abroad, students should initially get the approval by their Laurea Degree Council (Consiglio di Corso di Laurea) on the courses to be taken abroad (by passing the final exams) or the thesis work to be conducted in the host institution.

Each year the University will assign individual grants to help towards the costs of studying abroad. The granting period will be for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 12 months (continuous periods only) starting from the first of July of each year for the following academic year.

Before student goes, a Learning Agreement (LA) is made with the host University on the course of study to follow abroad (or thesis work) to ensure that the awarded credits will be transferred to their equivalents at home University. The Erasmus Delegates from the host Department will assist the students in the preparation of the LA. The correspondence between the courses listed in the LA with the courses delivered in Parma should be approved by the Laurea Degree Council before the departure.

At return to home University, the courses taken abroad (the ones listed in the LA) with an official exam positive result will be validated at the home Institution as previously disposed by the Laurea Degree Council.

To be enrolled in the mobility program, students should posses the required language/s knowledge required by the host Institution. This knowledge could be improved by taking language courses organized by the home and host Institutions.

The mobility grants will be assigned by a commission composed by the Erasmus Delegates of the Department after an interview aimed at verifying:

  •     the proposed working program
  •     the knowledge of the requested foreign language/s
  •     the academic curriculum

For more details:

International Student Mobility Committee

  • Tullia Tedeschi (Contact for Food Science and Technology - Coordinator)
  • Luca Dellafiora (Contact for Nutrition Science)
  • Sergio Ghidini (Contact for Gastronomic Science and Food Safety and Food Risk Management)
  • Marco Pieroni (Contact for Pharmaceutical and Organic Chemistry)
  • Barbara Prandi (Contact for Food Science and Technology)
  • Alessandra Rossi (Contact for Pharmaceutical, Technology, Analytical and Physical Chemistry)
  • Ilaria Zanotti (Contact for Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Pathology and Microbiology)
Peer Tutors:
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