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Stage and Placement

Job offers

WORK DESK of the Italian Society of Pharmacology

Federfarma, National Unitarian Federation of Holders of Pharmacy Italian

Job placement of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society


Internships, placement and orientation output

For graduates, there are two services:

For information on both services need to refer exclusively to the central offices of Apprenticeships and Internships.

Recall that ER.GO. provides support services to graduates, such as the page on CV preparation, where, under the heading "Mi interessa" you can open other interesting menu, such as: Writing your CV, Find a job, do a work placement, and form my study after graduation, Going abroad, Doing research.

ER.GO. and the central offices shall organize periodic meetings to facilitate access to the job market.

The notices of these seminars are always posted on the website of Featured.

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